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How to Host an Official Event

Pride partnerships are formed with community organizations whose membership desires a larger participatory role in the Pride weekend events. A Pride Partnership calls on the various skills and insights unique to the individual organization and Pride. We value partnerships because they produce programming rich in cultural diversity and inclusive of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally communities of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

Now that the Pride event is free for everyone to attend, we rely on the community more than ever to help generate the funds required to host the annual celebration. Not all events have a beneficiary; however, if you select a beneficiary for your event, Palm Springs Pride requests that it be considered a beneficiary.

Official Events provide a diverse slate of programming that will appeal to a wide audience. Pride encourages events that will appeal to the interests of our diverse community. The Pride organization invests its time, energy, expertise, and funds in marketing official events. From paying web and graphic designers to hard costs associated with printed materials and waived fees, the Pride organization invests in helping to promote official events with the end goal of success for both the producer and Pride.

We have various benefits available based on the level of investment our partners can make in an official event designation. As with just about everything the Pride organization does, no organization is excluded due to financial circumstances. If our request to share in the marketing costs of an official event will cause an undue hardship on a nonprofit organization, we ask that the organization let us know what they can afford. Pride will not exclude anyone based on financial ability to participate.

We invite you to submit the Official Event Application today for the current Pride Season.

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